Sunday, August 23, 2015

Treat by Stephanie Banyas

3 Stars
Sometimes you just have to . . . .

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And sometimes after being married for 133 dog years your mother-in-law gifts you the holy grail of kitchen appliances . . .

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(*insert choirs of angels singing*)

Which makes treating yo self that much more delightful. It also turns your youngest child into a “hey, I want to touch the eleventy billion dollar mixer – let me help – canIcanIcanIcanIcanI?????” type of fella. What better thing for a kid to make than Krispie Treats? No baking required and in the grand scheme of things not much mess (other than the stickyness that resulted from his inability to understand the concept of keeping the baggies ON his hands while pressing the goo into the pan). Krispie Treat desserts are so easy even a caveman can do it!

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Whoops – no offense meant, Mr. Caveman.

Anywho, smallish child chose to make “Cookies & Cream” treats – which is basically a regular ol’ Krispie Treat with some crushed oreos mixed in and also smooshed on the top. Here he is making his concoction . . .

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(Since this is the interwebs (a/k/a land of creepy trolls) the part of young child is being played by Mitchell.)

Me being me, I chose to make something a little classier . . . .

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End result? Both are tasty and I can already feel my butt getting bigger just looking at them.

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Now on to the pros and cons of this little book.


1. Lots of pictures. A requirement for me to enjoy a cookbook is plenty of photos.

2. Cute layout/size/design. Krispie Treats are fun and so is the this book. Bright colors, a compact size, and a “puffy” feel to the cover were all fun.

3. Easy recipes. Zero baking required (I also cheated and melted my butter/marshmallows in the microwave rather than in a pan so it was even easier).

4. Helpful (????) hints. This book also teaches you how to make your own marshmallows. However, since mallows cost about $1.00 for a thousand of them I chose to remain lazy and used store-bought.


1. Price. I know cookbooks must cost a lot to produce, but $14.99 for recipes you can find on the interwebs for zero dollars is a bit steep.

2. Krispie Treats are not a “snooty” desert. While I am LOVING my new mixer, I survived nearly 20 years of marriage without one and having some of the instructions include to put ingredients “in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment” . . . .

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A $10 hand mixer from Wal-Mart would do the exact same type of mixing. But hey, at least this book didn’t list a bunch of name brands “required” in order to create the recipes.

ARC provided by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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