Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In Another Life by C.C. Hunter

1 Star

Despite being a dinosaur old enough for this story to maybe induce a case of déjà vu . . . . .

I was still all over requesting it because I have been digging the YA mystery vibe this year. What I didn’t expect to find upon starting was . . . . .

“Every girl in school has tried to get his attention and failed. You get here, and he gets punched when he’s checking you out.”

Oh yes, the ol’ fallback “Bella Swan Syndrome” and yet another case where a storyline (despite not being particularly fresh) with so much potential immediately falls off the rails. And things just kept getting worse. From a “bad boy” in the foster care system who has been brainwashed into thinking everything is a con, to a potential kidnap victim who was adopted by people IN. THE. SAME. DANG. TOWN. where she would have been taken from, to said potential kidnap victim being THREE YEARS OLD when she would have been taken and somehow NOT saying, “yo dudes, thanks for wanting to give me a home but I already have one like one subdivision over and my name is Emily so why don’t y’all just drop me off there, huh?” to a mother with cancer (and an almost 18 year old that doesn’t realize you need to be cancer free for like YEARS before you’re really considered cancer free), to a cheating dad with a new live-in half his age, back to mom because I forgot to mention the severe state of depression she’s in. Ugh. I think Barb says it best . . . . .

This thing was so schizophrenic in themes it had no chance of succeeding. Not to mention the writing was just terrible. Really the only thing that could have made it a bit of fun for me would have been if Edward Cullen’s Cash the dreamboy’s daddy would have been the kidnapper. Sorry to C.C. Hunter, but . . . .

Like I said before, YA mysteries have improved tremendously over the past couple of years. I highly recommend checking out Karen McManus or The Goldfish Boy or All These Beautiful Strangers or People Like Us if you want a teenie bopper whodunit.

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