Monday, October 8, 2018

The Watcher by Caroline Eriksson

3.5 Stars

Elena moved in to a townhome temporarily while on a bit of a hiatus from her marriage. During this trial separation, she will allow herself no contact with her husband – instead focusing on herself and her career . . . which sadly is kind of non-existent. Living on residuals from her one hit novel, Elena passes the time proofreading other’s writing, having Friday night dinner with her sister and sitting at the kitchen window . . . . .

Until she finally decides to take her publisher’s advice and . . . .

“Dig where you are.”

And then????

“It’s like what I write has repercussions in what takes place in the Storm house.”

I snatched this one after seeing my friend Michelle’s review and I’m happy to report I was not disappointed. While not quite as good as The Woman in the Window, this was waaaaaay more of a satisfying domestic thriller to me than The Girl on the Train. I enjoyed the three narratives (Elena, the husband and the new book) and didn’t mind that I kind of new what was going on before the big reveal. 3.5 Stars.

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Thank you, NetGalley!

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