Thursday, December 20, 2018

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

2.5 Stars

“We could have been called reapers, but our founders saw fit to call us scythes—because we are the weapons in mankind’s immortal hand.”

Welcome to the future - a near utopia where disease and death have ceased to exist and where The Cloud has somehow morphed into a sentient being. In this world, it is the responsibility of a select order known as Scythes to “glean” people in order to control the population. Whatever the percentage was in the past for a cause of death, remains the percentage in the future – accident, old age, childbirth, etc. – the act is simply performed by another rather than being a solo performance.

EV.ER.Y.ONE. loved this book. I mean the sucker has a 4.36 Goodreads rating FFS. So what went wrong for me? Well, probably my general outlook on life . . . .

Just kidding. Maybe. Unfortunately my real problem with this falls squarely on the shoulders of a little story known as Unwind. This poor book just couldn’t compare. As my friend Eddie says in his review, it’s hard to lower your expectations after reading something sooooooooo good and it’s hard to pull any feelings out of my cold dead heart when I donated them all to that previous selection. This one just fell flat.

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