Friday, December 14, 2018

One Day In December by Josie Silver

4 Stars

First of all, every other bazillion review on this site saying this book is the perfect Christmas romance is 100% accurate so you don’t even have to bother scrolling any further on this shitshow of a gif festival. I didn’t know anything about One Day In December when I decided to read it other than the following:

1. It had the word December in it and that’s pretty much enough for me;

2. It was both a Book of the Month AND a Reece’s Book Club selection which makes me kind of look like this . . . .

3. Crown Publishing was willing to give me a copy since they apparently haven’t realized I’m a nutcase yet; and

4. My motto in life is . . . .

Now I have to confess, when I started reading this and Laurie and Jack’s eyes met through the windows of a bus where they shared but a moment of kismet before being whisked out of each other’s lives I was totally feeling the vibes of . . . . .

If I would have bothered reading anything - anywhere about this dang book, I would have realized that I should prepare myself for a ten-year timeline that was more like this holiday fave . . . .

No matter what, this story was all sorts of squishy holiday feeeeeeelllllllzzzzzzzzz. What are you all waiting for????

ARC provided by Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review . . . . but since I need instant gratification I actually ended up reading a library copy before I even got the hard copy in the mail.

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