Thursday, September 17, 2015

Savages by Don Winslow

5 Stars
“Dope is supposed to be bad, but in a bad world it’s good, if you catch the reverse moral polarity of it.”

That awkward moment when you are incurring a library fine because you’re too lazy to just WRITE THE G.D. REVIEW ALREADY!!! I also just noticed today that this is apparently #2 in the series and I had no idea it was turned into a movie a few years ago until my husband not so kindly informed me . . .

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What can I say? I’m not so quick on the uptake. That being said, y’all should prolly just go ahead and click over to Kemper’s review since he knows how to use his words and I only know how to throw some pictures up in order to make a “review.”

For the four of you who are still here, you seriously need to read this book. It’s brilliant. Savages is the story of Ben and Chon. Ben is a do-gooder with a scientific mind and a very green thumb. Chon is a former special ops agent who ain’t quite right in the head. Together they grow and distribute some seriously choice ganja . . .

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The last time the Sons of Anarchy competition tried to overstep their boundaries, Chon quickly dealt with the problem. This time the threat isn’t coming from some fat bikers, though, it’s coming from South of the border. When Ben and Chon’s gal pal Ophelia finds herself in the wrong hands, the guys are left with only one choice . . .

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No, that’s not it. In order to guaranty O’s release, twenty mill has to be raised pronto in order to pay off the existing cartel, which leads to . . . .

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Uhhhhhh . . . things and stuff.

I read this in order to get back in Mitchell’s good graces after diving straight into the deep end of the romance pool. Like I said earlier, this was S.M.A.R.T. It’s written at almost a frantic pace that got the adrenaline flowing straight from the jump and didn’t let up until the end. The dialogue was genius, the humor spot on, the stabby oh so very stabby. And while I’m told the movie version was a bit of a turd I’m still interested in watching it because of . . .

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All the stars. Highly recommend!

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