Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nightfall by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski

3 Stars
In the land of Bliss the time of light lasts for 14 years. After that . . .

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It is during that time the population must follow tradition, leave their homes without scent, and make the long journey via ship to the Desert Lands in order to survive what awakens during the time of darkness . . .

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But when Marin and Kana discover their friend Line missing when the time to depart the island has arrived, they will risk everything to find him. They better hurry, though, because . . . .

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Okay, so this book wasn’t really anything like GoT, but since it will probably be another 17 years before The Winds of Winter comes out I figure I might as well gif it up while I have the chance. It also wasn’t at all similar to books written by James Dashner or Neil Gaiman, but that sure didn’t stop anyone in the marketing department from throwing those taglines out there.

That’s not to say Nightfall was a bad book. It was actually pretty good, but I am seriously glad I didn’t see that “Neil Gaiman” line or I probably would have lost my mind a bit. If you are a YA reader who can’t get enough of world building, this is the book for you. The pace of this one was a bit slower in order to provide details of the land of Bliss and to countdown to what was coming once the sun disappeared . . . .

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After that it was anyone’s guess what might be lurking around the corner . . .

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While Nightfall didn’t completely knock my socks off, I appreciated a true fantasy world rather the continuing riding of the coattails of the “dystopian society.” I also was such a fan of making the characters a bit younger (14) so the puke factor which is instalove was removed completely and that Marin kicked ass and was never a Mary Sue . . .

“Thank you for rescuing me,” he whispered.

“I haven’t yet,” she whispered back.

ARC DENIED by NetGalley. Poop on you, NetGalley! (Nahhhh, just kidding I still love you even though you make no sense when it comes to what I do and don’t get approved for.)

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