Sunday, August 17, 2014

Full Moon Over Cedar Hill by Edward Lorn

5 Stars
First things first – No one will ever be able to write a more Scoobylicious review than my friend Shelby .

I know I literally just posted a review where I said I don’t read self-pubbed books, or stuff by my friends, or blah blah blah blah blah, but I’m telling you that this is a different circumstance. See Edward Lorn isn’t my friend. I simply stalk him on Goodreads.

Sooooo, what’s this little tale about? It’s about a paralyzed stroke victim, currently residing in a nursing home who finds himself in the middle of a scene straight from a horror movie. Who you gonna call in a case like this?

No – they can’t do diddly squat when it comes to saving you from what’s roaming around these halls.

I finally got around to reading Full Moon Over Cedar Hill because I had a whopping 15 minutes to spare and, at 15 pages, this was the perfect selection. And perfect it was. Perfect length, perfect main character, perfect timing, perfect suspense. Perfection.

This one had a bit of everything.

Quotable quotes?

“Not this day, Death, you wily motherfucker!”


The ending I was hoping for?


A bonus Bob Ross reference?

And now I’m officially smitten with Mr. Lorn’s work.
This only costs a buck. Go buy it.

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