Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

2.5 Stars

Before I begin, let me say that this is not a book that normally falls into my wheelhouse when it comes to my “must reads.” So how did I end up with it? Well, there are several reasons. To begin with, where I live . . . .

Also, along with my favorite time of year of bulky sweaters that hide my fat, comes my arch nemesis of basic bitches . . . .


So I figured I might as well read as many “summery” things as possible and this one actually had the dang word in the title so bonus.

Second, this book has been all over Satan’s Website Instagram which has made my library checkouts pretty much the equivalent of . . . .

And finally, despite the fact that the never-ending blurb there was no chance I was ever going to read probably laid out the entire story to me, in my mind I was convinced that I was getting ready to experience . . . .

(And yes I realize I should have just re-read fucking Peyton Place I know, but whatever. I do what I want.)

Upon starting, I was crossing my fingers for a bit of Middlesex to be thrown in for good measure. I guess in the most generic way possible this was a teensie bit Peyton Place with a splash of Middlesex. It just wasn’t very page-turny for me and even my husband remarked that he hoped my spending an entire weekend on one book did not result in a rage of the Firestarter variety. But again, this isn’t my usual bag so take my mediocre rating with a grain of salt.

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