Friday, August 3, 2018

The Holy Ghost Speakeasy and Revival by Terry Roberts

5 Stars

“That, gentlemen, is what I call nasty good.”

“Sin in a jar.”

Hey David Joy, you should probably read this book. See how the book pushing works both ways???? The only difference is Joy won’t see this and I stalk see everything he posts. But seriously, if you are a fan of David Joy, there’s a solid chance Terry Roberts will work for you. Strange too because the two authors have very different approaches to similar types of characters/locales.

Char gets complete credit for me even hearing about this book, let alone braving my inability to work the interwebs enough in order to navigate my way through the request process over at the oh-so-not-user-friendly Edelweiss. The title alone sold me. And the title doesn’t lie – this absolutely was a story of a traveling troupe which were part revival show and part speakeasy. I was counting on it being my usual slice of fictional South and definitely found myself asking . . . .

Imagine my surprise when I found I was reading . . . . a religious story? Now let me put it on record that I am NOT a religious person. I was raised in the church and made my exodus as quickly as possible upon reaching adulthood. That being said, this story was magnificent so it didn't matter that I wasn't thumping my bible along with the beat. I caught on to the undercurrent of the scripture being thrown about as being more than just a gimmick pretty quickly – and yet I not for one minute ever wanted to put this down or felt like I was being bamboozled (*cough The Shack cough*) or had any sense of disappointment that this wasn’t the “grit lit” I had sought out. Instead I simply sat back and let the words pour over me. Words about family and friendship and loyalty and love and right and wrong and the grey areas in between - and, yes, even the word of the Lord. Words that made me feel some of the feelz and words that made me chuckle . . . Good words.

I’m giving this one all the stars.

ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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