Friday, May 22, 2015

Outcast by Robert Kirkman - art by Paul Azaceta

3 Stars

Oh snap, I just gave something by Robert Kirkman a not-so-great rating. Hold on a sec so I can gear up . . .

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Alright. Bring on the pain (and insults to my intelligence).

Is there anyone left on the planet who isn’t aware of who Kirkman is? For the three of you who need a refresher, he’s the guy who brought us this . . .

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Yep. The Walking Dead. Making him a god amongst men – who also happens to be totes adorbs . . .

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which makes the creepy concoctions his brain comes up with even more delightful.

Although Kirkman has made approximately forty gajillion dollars off of zombies, Outcast went in a different direction . . .

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Sidenote: Kudos for one of the best tag lines ever . . .

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This is the story of Kyle Barnes, a man who had to overcome being raised in a real hellhole and who lost everything dear to him as an adult. Kyle has been in a downward spiral ever since his wife and daughter left him, but has started to realize it’s time to face his past and deal with some harsh truths.

The local preacher . . .

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(Ha! Just kidding, he’s totally old and not hot at all, but how many times will I have an excuse to post Colin O'Donoghue gifs????)

has always known demons surround us, as well being aware of Kyle’s personal history, and enlists Kyle to help with the heavy work of exorcism . . .

“You clearly have an ability. I don’t know what it is or how you got it, but you have a power over these things.”

The problem is, nothing really happens in this volume. You get some of Kyle’s backstory, you get some interaction with the possessed, you get a hint of what’s to come, but you’re left being obligated to invest in Volume 2 for any real action. I know I’m no graphic novel aficionado, but nothing I’ve read so far has been the equivalent of ripping the first few chapters out of a novel and calling it “Volume 1” . . .

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STFU, Carl! I’m trying to make a point. I don’t need you agreeing with me and making everyone even madder.

So anyway, all of you superfans may not have a problem with the way this one ends because you know you will read the entire collection from start to finish. But for me??? Well, my library has like JACK SQUAT when it comes to graphic novel selections, which means I have to drop my hard-earned cash on something that I may or may not like and that will only take me like an hour to read.

Although I’m aware I know zilch about art, I feel obligated to comment on it since this is a pitcherbook and all. Here’s a sample . . .

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Me no likey.

Many thanks to The Jeff for trusting me to not completely f*&^ up a graphic novel buddy read. Mitchell says many thanks for sending him back early and not keeping him for the duration of this read. He was afraid you’d get some bright ideas about holy water and its many uses.

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