Saturday, May 2, 2015

Got Your Goat by Edward Lorn

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Have you read Goat Your Goat yet? Ed’s offering up this little nugget as a freebie here before it becomes part of his collection Others & Oddities . It’s super short (we’re talking 5 minutes) and full of enough squick to make me rethink eating any lunch today . . .

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Diet plan à la Edward Lorn. Me likey.

If you’ve been questioning why there aren’t more stories about goat balls on your read/reviewed list, this one is definitely for you. But really, who can ever say they have enough goat balls in their life???

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Amiright or amiright?

Disclaimer: Since I am Edward Lorn’s stalker friend on multiple social media platforms and interact with him on the regular, I do not provide star ratings when I read his work. I am a dirty pirate hooker and would 5 Star errrrrything and he prefers to keep his ratings on the up-and-up and not filled with fangirl idiocy.

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