Thursday, February 5, 2015

Willliam Shakespeare's Stars Wars: Verily, A New Hope by Ian Doescher

5 Stars
“Friends, rebels, Starfighters, lend me your ears.”

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope
is exactly what the title says - Star Wars rewritten in iambic pentameter. If you aren’t a Star Wars fan, then what the fuck are you doing reading this???? you’re probably not going to understand why this is the best thing I’ve seen lately. (I’m also fairly certain zombie Shakespeare won’t be returning from the grave anytime soon in order to tell me that I “read wrong,” so that’s another bonus.) Oh, and in case there is any doubt about my nerdery (really? there’s still doubt at this point???) and because Mitchell is a camera whore who gets pissed if he isn’t featured in a review on the regular, here is my Funko Pop! proof that I am indeed a dork . . .

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I really enjoyed reading this. I mean, look what happened . . .

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(Ummmmm, Brigid I’m still waiting for you to supply me with some sexy coffee for my sexy mug)

So many post-its . . . and I probably annoyed a good 78% of the Goodreads population with my non-stop updates. I could post quote upon quote, but is it really even necessary? This story follows the original, only in an olde timey way. The conversations worthy of a quote, however? Those between R2 and C-3PO:

R2-D2: “Squeak, whistle, beep, meep, nee, meep, whistle squeak!”
C-3PO: “Hold thou they cursing and most cursed tongue!”

I giggled every time they bickered.

Bottom line – you just can’t go wrong with a Star Wars parody.

From feature films. . .

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To SNL . . .

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To video games . . .

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To cartoons . . .

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To even the original actors mocking themselves . . .

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The retelling of Star Wars never gets old. It is indeed a tale for the ages. One that contains action and adventure, good v. evil, and proves that the only love more awkward than insta-love is that of insta-love with your own sister . . .

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And if you play your cards right, being a superfan might even get you out of jury duty . . .

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At bare minimum, Liz Lemon can teach you some kick-ass lyrics to the Cantina band song : )

“Figrin D’an the kloo horn man . . .”

Highly recommended to all and may the force be with you!

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