Friday, January 23, 2015

The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre

4 Stars
“To the people I cam with, I am JessReilly19, a bubbly nineteen-year-old college student – a hospitality major – who enjoys pop music, underage drinking, and shopping. None of them really know the true me. I am who they want me to be, and they like it like that. So do I. Knowing the real me would be a bit of a buzzkill. The real me is Deanna Madden, whose mother killed her entire family, then committed suicide.”

^^^^Gets its hooks in you straight from the jump, right? You get all strapped in and ready to ride the roller coaster to crazytown and then????? Jessica/Deanna has a webcam session . . .

Commercial Photography

and I, the biggest self-proclaimed prude on the planet, was forced to read it in order to get on with the story. So I did. At first I was all . . .

Commercial Photography

and then I was all . . .

Commercial Photography

and then??????

Commercial Photography

Web cammy sexy times are sexy. I have a shame : (

Commercial Photography

After Deanna . . . ahem . . . finishes off her client, if you know what I mean, the book does proceed to thrillsville when we find out she works as a webcam girl due to the fact that she never leaves her apartment. Ever. Deanna has an obsession with death . . . she fantasizes about murdering anyone she comes into contact with, ergo she never allows herself to come into contact with others.

“I don’t mind being killer-crazy, but I don’t want to be loony-bin-crazy. That would probably be bad for business – a bit of a turnoff.”

Thanks to services such as free shipping from Amazon Prime (all hail almighty Amazon!) and prepackaged meals from Jenny Craig, Deanna can get anything she wants delivered straight to her door by her UPS man, Jeremy (who wishes she’d open the door for him just one time).

The poop really hits the fan when one of Jessica/Deanna’s cam clients starts getting a little too obsessed with having Jessica roleplaying the part of a young girl and she has to decide whether or not it’s time for her to finally open her door for the first time in three years . . .

That’s all you get. I’m not spoiling this one. If you dig dark reads and are looking for a serious psych thriller with some f*&^%d-up kinky romance thrown in to the mix, pick this one up. My local Book Pusher told me to and he didn’t steer me wrong.

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