Monday, December 1, 2014

Rosie Dunne by Cecilia Ahern

Rosie Dunne
2.5 Stars
Once again it appears I’m the solo gal who didn’t absolutely fall in love with this book. Shaddup and let me ‘splain myself.

But first, let’s cover the synopsis for those who aren’t familiar with the story (which could easily be the case since this book has been published under THREE different titles).

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So, Alex and Rosie have been besties since Kindergarten. They’ve managed to remain friends despite of the best efforts of Ms. Big Nose Smelly Breath Casey to keep them apart in elementary school, through the trials and tribulations of puberty, and even when Alex moved across the pond to America. They’ve stuck together and always told the other everything . . .

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I mean EVERYTHING . . .

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Even through that little mishap, Alex and Rosie managed to remain friends. They’ve supported each other through marriages as well as divorces and always ignored that niggling little voice telling them they should maybe be more than just best buddies. But how long can you ignore a voice that is sooooo persistent?


The answer to the question right above my spoiler tag? Apparently you can ignore that little voice inside your head until you are F-ING FIFTY!!!! 50! That’s redonkulous and the main problem with this book. A story which should have been wrapped up at a respectable 300 pages just kept going and going and going all the way to nearly 450. Rather than having Rosie and Alex experience one bad marriage/failed relationship/whathaveyou each, Cecilia Ahern had them experience multiple failures and waste more than half their lives wondering “what could have been” . . . and it was super annoying to me so it gets only half the stars.

Now, let me just say if I were to judge the movie (based on the trailer alone, as I haven’t seen it yet), this would get 4 Stars minimum. From the looks of things TONS of pages were left on the cutting room floor WHERE THEY BELONG. I mean seriously, everyone is familiar with the story:

1. Boy meets girl;
2. Boy and girl become friends;
3. Boy and girl realize they could “ruin the friendship” if they take it to the next level;
4. Boy and girl date/marry other people;
5. Boy and girl’s marriages/relationships fail; and
6. Boy and girl finally realize they were meant to be together and live happily ever after.

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I live for that shit when it comes to my movies of choice . . . but good grief, it ain’t Moby Dick. There’s no reason for it to drag on (andonandonandon). I loved Alex and Rosie. They were great characters that seemed like real people and were adorable and funny and everything that I want in a RomCom. They just didn’t know what to STFU and get down to the hibbidy dibbidy and therein was the problem.

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I have a feeling this is one of the rare occasions when I will enjoy the movie more than the book. And hey, even if it sucks, it still has Finnick Sam Claflin . . .

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Yep, me. Welcome to Cougar Town, Sam : )

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