Friday, November 28, 2014

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

3 Stars

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Two U.S. Marshalls have been dispatched to Shutter Island - a location much like Alcatraz which houses an inescapable fortress for insane prisoners. The job of the partners is to find a female patient/murderer who has disappeared, while also having the unfortunate timing of having to battle a hurricane simultaneously. What the duo initially came to investigate and what they actually end up discovering are VERY different things.

I read Shutter Island waaaaaaaay back in May, but failed to ever write a review because I SUCK at keeping up because I feel like Dennis Lehane should never get lower than 4 Stars. Lehane's writing is so above-par that giving him a measly 3 seems blasphemous.

However, it's a 3 I must give. I actually never even knew Shutter Island was a movie until I brought this library book home (I like to stick to only raunchy comedies and B-grade horrors for my viewing pleasure, apparently) and my husband told me how good it was. And it was good . . . but not great. Although the writing once again was stellar, I knew everything that was going to happen - and that's pretty unforgiveable to me when it comes to giving a high rating for a mystery/thriller. At some point there has to be some unexpected twists and turns, and that just wasn't the case with Shutter Island. (FYI - I'm also one of "those people" who ruined "The Sixth Sense" for all when I immediately knew the ending - and shouted it out because no one would have believe me if I hadn't - so if you're not good at figuring out what's up, you might be blown out of the water with this one.)

I've still never bothered to watch the movie, and although I'm sure the book is better - because seriously the book is almost ALWAYS better (excluding YOU Forrest Gump!!!) - I have a feeling Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't disappoint. Heck, just browsing through the various .gifs had me knowing exactly which part of the book the scene was from, and that is VERY cool.

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