Saturday, November 8, 2014

Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover

Finding Cinderella (Hopeless, #2.5)
3 Stars

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You might be asking yourself, “why would a shriveled up old hag like her be reading Finding Cinderella????” The answer is quite simple:

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Any author who has a memento copy of one of their books printed in “Ermahgerd” is someone who deserves to be read. Also, Finding Cinderella was free, so it was the obvious winner of the “which one should I read?” contest.

That being said, NA is soooooo not my bag. I am old and have a low angst tolerance and I get a bit bitey when I read it . . . . but I totally understand the allure. If I were a young puppy again I would seriously love to be able to download freebies like this on the Kindle rather than being forced to steal my mom’s old Jackie Collins’ paperbacks in order to read something steamy. Now those things were horrible. *shudder*

I’m assuming if you are a fan of NA, Finding Cinderella is a story that could receive a much higher rating along with a rave review, but please note a 3 Star rating from me is pretty dang solid. Colleen Hoover writes a good story with relatable characters and even though I saw the big “a-ha” moment WAY before it ever came to light, it was alright with me. Maybe it’s because I had low expectations??? Or maybe it’s because I kind of loved Daniel:

“She fist bumped me. It’s not my fault. She hates purses and she fist bumped me, then she made me push her on the damn merry-go-round. After that, she demanded to see where I had sex in the park, then she forced me to sneak into my own bedroom. She’s weird and half the time I can’t keep up with her, but she thinks I’m funny as hell. And Chunk asked me this morning if I wanted to love her someday, and I realized I’ve never hoped I could love someone more than I want to love her.”

(a leading male who isn’t a super-assholey-bad-boy??? who’d a thunk it????)

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Yeah, yeah, I know: “Why don’t you have a seat over there” and all that jazz. I already registered myself on the sexual predator list, thank you very much Chris Hansen.

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