Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sin City Volume 4 - That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller

5 Stars

John Hartigan has served the police force well and his retirement is well-deserved, but when he gets word that little Nancy Callahan has been kidnapped he can’t just hand over his badge and gun without saving her. Little does he know that his final moment of heroism will haunt him for years to come . . .

For all of you who know me in real life, follow my blog, or are friends with me here, you are probably well aware that I’m quite proud of my supernerdery. I know a lot about nothing important and love to share my pop culture Rainman abilities with anyone who is willing to look/listen. That being said, I now come to you all and admit that until this point I’ve been a total poseur. Although I take my tiny Sheldon Cooper (seriously, he’s the “got it, got it, need it, got it” kid when looking through the various boxes) to Planet ComicCon annually

my personal geekery was missing one huge piece – I had never before read a graphic novel.

Since I have more than a bit of an obsession with all things Sin City (when Starz was added to our cable package a couple of months ago I used the “on demand” option and watched the first movie EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. for a month straight), I figured it was high time to go big or go home.

I was sooooooo not disappointed. Frank Miller reached such a level of perfection with the graphic novel version of Sin City that hardly a word was needed to be changed before its transformation to the big screen. Sidenote: The one thing that was changed was the “grandfatherly” Hartigan being cast with the totally un-grandfatherly Bruce Willis. For that, I am eternally grateful : )

(and dare I forget to mention a certain pair of boobs someone else who might add to the enjoyment factor for others while watching the movie version)

From the characters, to the dialogue, to the artwork

That Yellow Bastard was everything I hoped it would be.

ALL THE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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