Monday, May 6, 2013

World War Z by Max Brooks

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

3.5 Stars - Read March 1, 2013

The human race has almost been obliterated by zombies.  World War Z is the history of the Zombie War told through first person reports from survivors across the globe detailing their experiences through such a tumultuous time.  Said first person reports have been excluded from any "official" detailing of the period and have been compiled solely by the author in book format in order to preserve the "human factor" of history.

Completely different from the plethora of zombie books out there.  It caught my eye since it's soon to be a movie that my kid is dying to see (and supposedly a book he wanted to read until he realized it read like a news story rather than an episode of The Walking Dead).  I really enjoyed the format.  It was reminiscent of movies like "Outbreak" where you know what happens and are working your way backwards to the beginning.  Although I do not swoon for Brad Pitt, I do find his acting ability pretty high end, and I found myself getting excited for the summer blockbuster as well.  However, it appears from watching the previews that the movie will be less of an ensemble-type cast bouncing around the globe and more of a "hey this is an AWESOME movie title - why don't we steal it and then make it almost nothing like the book".

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