Monday, May 13, 2013

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

2.75 Stars - Read May 12, 2013

Sarah and David are at the end of the line when it comes to their relationship.  They're throwing thousands of dollars away in weekly marriage counseling sessions, but both are Googling "divorce attorney" in their spare time.  That is, until they walk into their normal session to find Dr. Kelly eating the clients who attend the therapy session immediately prior to theirs.  Can this couple on the edge of collapse come together in order to survive the zombie apocalypse?

So, it was Mother's Day.  I requested a gift of kids who left me alone for the day and a "Big Carl".  I received both.  I also opted to read pure fluffy trash as a gift to myself.  This was cute.  Lots of action-packed scenes and a quick wit reminiscent of Zombieland.  I'll probably pick up the next in the series come pool season.

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