Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl

5 Stars - Read December 17, 2012

Nick and Amy are getting ready to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.  Amy has, per usual, gone out of her way to create an elaborate scavenger hunt filled with hints of special occasions/locations that Nick must follow in order to find her and celebrate their special day.  Only problem is - Amy is missing and Nick is HORRIBLE at deciphering her clues.  Amy's diary discloses a not-so-picture-perfect home life and Nick isn't doing himself any favors by continuing to get caught in lies.  The police are closing in and Amy's story is being featured on a "Nancy Grace" type program - did Nick do it????

What kind of reader would I be if I hadn't been sucked into the hype which is Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl?  Unlike so many other well-publicized novels, this was not much ado about nothing.  Oh, she's twisted.  Just when you thought the roller coaster was coming to a stop, she made the bottom drop out again.  And YES, I know I'm cheating here since I read this one in 2012.  However, I also give credit where credit is due and Gillian Flynn has set me adrift on an adventure filled with young, talented authors who sadly only have a few books under their belt so far due to being infants of the literary world.  I gobbled this one up in one sitting and didn't come up for air until I read her other two books as well. 

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