Tuesday, March 31, 2020

You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

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3.5 Stars

I wrongread this author duo the first time, so I made sure to readjust my expectations before starting this one and it 100% was beneficial. If you ever went to camp or belonged to a theater group or something of the sort you may have played the game where one person tells a sentence of a story and the next person tells the next and on and on until you’ve made it around the circle and the tale has concluded. The entire point is to get as farfetched and away from the starting point as possible – either in an attempt to entertain or an attempt to derail the others in the game. That is how I feel about the Hendricks/Pekkanen writing style.

The premise here is that Shay witnesses a woman commit suicide via jumping in front of a subway in NYC and is unable to let the experience go. From attending her memorial to befriending her besties she finds what has been missing in her life. But these aren’t your average gal-pals and things get super twisty.

Basically, here’s what to expect. These two ladies write with the idea that . . . . .

You get the basic plot and then the storytelling starts to look a little more like . . . .

And by the time it’s all over . . . .

It is farfetched. It is over the top. It is a thrillery escapist timesuck. Kind of just what I was looking for while being trapped in my house with the army of humans I created who are now working against me : )

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