Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Into the Jungle by Erica Ferencik

4 Stars

“I’m scared to death of this place.”

“It’s just life, Lily. You can’t be afraid of life.”

“Sure I can.”

Lily isn’t like most 19-year old travelers. She had no silver spoon in her mouth or bottomless trust fund available for her to backpack around Europe. However, she still had a wanderer’s heart so when an opportunity to teach in Bolivia appeared she was all over it. When the job fell through, she holed up in the cheapest youth hostel she could find and ended up falling for a local named Omar who will show her the Amazon most people only read about.

Expecting something picturesque like this . . . .

Lily quickly discovers life in Ayachero is more like this . . . .

Is surprised to find this . . . .

And even more surprised by others like this . . . .

Who have been trying to find a mahogany grove for ages which will lead to deforestation and obliteration of the Tatinga tribe.

I loved The River at Night by this author and loved this one just as much. I don’t care if it was farfetched or unrealistic or whatever else naysayers want to point out. All I know is the Ferencik’s storytelling is hypnotizing, I enjoyed the undertones regarding conservation and the fragility of the Amazonian ecosystem without being beaten over the head by an eco-warrior (looking at YOU, Barbara Kingsolver), and I am now pretty much ready to poison myself with insect repellant every time I go in my backyard after reading about what bug bites could potentially do to my body. That equals a high rating and a two-for-two author who I will definitely continue to read.

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