Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre


2.5 Stars

Let me make things real clear here before anyone loses their shit about my mediocre rating. Hollywood Dirt was a perfectly fine little book - just . . . . .

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The story here is about Summer. She’s a small town girl, living in a lonely world . . . .

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Just kidding. She stayed right where she was. Cole Master, on the other hand, has just shown up – having purchased the rights to a novel about Summer’s little town that he is now going to turn into a movie. That should be enough info for you to decide if you want to take the bait or not.

If you like your romance to come in the hate-to-love variety, have balls of steel that don’t turn blue with a slow roller, your sex scenes (when you finally get them) to be one step away from fade to black and a couple who pretty much is the epitome of this . . . .

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(Excluding the part where he goes in bare without ever having a conversation about birth control or at least assuring her he doesn’t have a drippy dick from all the chicks he’s been banging ever since he caught his ex-wife cheating on him, of course.)

This might be more successful for you.

Unfortunately, my first experience with Alessandra Torre was with her writing as A.R. Torre and The Girl in 6E which featured a leading lady who did this on the intertubes by day . . . .

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And this in her spare time . . . .

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If you know me at all, you’ll know there was little to no chance of this one measuring up. I think I’ll break my own guidelines and read the second Deanna Madden book . . . . at some point. It is up there on the “hysterectomy shelves” (phrase coined by my husband since it appears it will take me being on medical leave or a housebound due to the zombie apocalypse before I ever read all the crap I own) after all.

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