Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Don't You Forget About Me by Kate Karyus Quinn

4 Stars

“My life. It’s not right. It didn’t begin like yours. It won’t end like yours either.” 
When my kid brought this home from high school for his nightly required reading, I was all in for a buddy read. Not only because both my kids have been a bit scumbaggy in the past and fibbed about reading when actually they were smuggling iPhones/Pods up to their rooms or sitting on the toilet staring at the wall rather than attempting to expand their minds, but mainly because . . . . 

(If you don’t know the significance of the above image/you didn't immediately get an earworm just from reading this title, you are waaaaay too young to be my friend and also probably the target demographic for this book.)

But then the unthinkable happened and the KID ACTUALLY FINISHED BEFORE ME. And the reason? Because I couldn’t stop reading pornography long enough to catch up to him . . . . 

That’s all in the past, though, right? So let’s get to the book. Welcome to Gardnerville . . . . 

“A place with no disease where everyone lives past one hundred doesn’t sound like paradise to you?”

“That’s only half the story. The rest is the reformatory and fourth years and kids turned into monsters.”

Skylar’s sister Piper was one of the aforementioned fourth years. She was a kid who turned into a monster. Now she resides in the reformatory and Skylar needs to get her out before this fourth year’s events begin.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this without giving everything away. I will say, it earns its Stars by feeling original, well written, and containing moments that the cool kids would have this to say about . . . . 

(All the cool kids still say stuff like that, right?)

Anyway. Although I did see the “twist” coming, it didn’t really bother me because the getting there was pretty fun and the fact that my kid really got absorbed in the story? That makes all of this stuff . . . . 

Not matter so much. Kudos to you, Ms. Quinn. You get 4 of the Starzzzzzzzz. 

P.S. Oh, and Ron 2.0? You’ll be happy to know the youngest manchild is currently reading Winger. And he loves it because he is not a wrong reader like you ; )

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