Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Wonder by Emma Donaghue

3.5 Stars

“Good nurses follow the rules, but the best know when to break them.”

In a small Irish village, a modern day miracle is occurring . . .

Unfortunately, not one quite as impressive as Cheeto Jesus, but still something worth talking about. According to her family and all casual observers young Anna O’Donnell has not had even a bite to eat for the past four months. Lib Wright has taken on an assignment as Anna’s nurse, but upon her arrival she finds her job requirements quite unusual . . .

“Your only duty will be to watch her.”

In order to prove to the world that the Lord is truly working through young Anna, Lib (as well as a nun) will take round-the-clock shifts observing Anna’s every move in order to declare, without question, the child does not eat.

And that’s all you get. If you have read this (or don’t plan on ever reading it) and would like to talk some spoilsies I will gladly partake in the comment section below (as long as you do it under the appropriate spoiler tags) and explain how my idea of what was going down was kind of on the right track, but ended up being on a different train.

Having now read both Room as well as The Wonder I can officially say this about Emma Donoghue . . .

3.5 Stars rounded down because, although there is a solid redemption arc, Lib was pretty insufferable for a good chunk of the book. And yes, I realize this was done on purpose, but I still don’t enjoy reading the goings on in the mind of some chick I’d like to punch in the throat. Also, I’m well aware it rains in Ireland so I could have been spared the billionth description, because been there done that . . . .

Finally, I didn’t need to hear details regarding all the bland and boring meals Lib partook in each day. Snore. Aside from the oversharing that could have easily been left on the editing room floor, The Wonder gets kudos for being different from nearly anything it will end up shelved next to and for providing a blast from the past which played on a loop while reading . . . .

“They say I must be one of the wonders
Of god's own creation
And as far as they can see they can offer
No explanation”

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