Friday, December 30, 2016

Triptych by Karen Slaughter

4 Stars

Holy poop I’m really far behind on reviewing. And you know what’s awesome? All the library books I read while on Christmas vacay are now disappearing from my Kindle making my notes go “poof” . . . . .

(Hey Goodreads, why don’t you figure out how to make your super not awesome feature of Kindle note sharing work for library books instead of just shit I had to buy on Amazon. Kthanks!)

Anyway, like I said I’m really far behind, I read this nearly two weeks ago and I am senile so I don’t have any quotey quotes to share. You’ll just have to trust me that the dialogue on this was pretty decent and there were some quotables.

Shelby (Ha! I totally got to link one of your “I lurved it, it was gud” reviews LOLOLOLOL) has been telling me to read Karen Slaughter until she’s blue in the face, but I’m a jerkoff so I ignored her. (Really I was a little terrified I would hate it and then she would cut me.) Good news is, I didn’t hate it at all. And to Karen Slaughter . . . .

At the risk of sounding sexist against my own fairer sex, I never cease to be amazed by women authors who are willing to take things to an uncomfortable level with zero shits given. Caroline Kepnes did it with an anti-hero you just couldn’t stop yourself from falling in love with, Ania Ahlborn does it with horror and Karen Slaughter does it with crime fiction.

The story here is about dead women in Atlanta whose murders may be connected. “May” being the operative word due to the fact that they don’t fit the typical serial killer scenario since they are of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. They all have something in common, however, that is a potential link – their tongues have been bitten off. Makes you hungry, right????

Detective Michael Ormewood has been assigned the latest case when a fella named Will Trent enters the scene offering to help. Then things get a little cray and you get to find out just how intricate a spider web Karen Slaughter is capable of weaving together.

So like I said, I’m officially a Karen Slaughter fangirl now. I had my doubts after reading Pretty Girls, but I’m going to trust Shelby and say that one was just a fluke. Now, Slaughter does have her moments and this was a real Stephen King in need of leaving some pages on the cutting room floor, but other than those times where I was screaming . . . .

This was a solid start to a series.

Things I loved (aside from the stabby stabby):

1. Will Trent. J.K. Rowling did it with Cormoran Strike and Karen Slaughter did it with Will Trent. Instead of some super hot supersleuth, Will kind of resembles this guy . . . .

Wait, that’s not right. He really kinda looks like this . . . .

He’s not pretty. He’s also seriously effing broken and you’ll totally fall in love with him (if you’re smart it will be a not-sexy way because Shelby called dibs a long time ago).

2. Speaking of broken, meet the female lead in this series Angie Polaski. As a future Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame inductee once said . . . .

“She’s a crazy bitch.”

It’s A-Okay to have this type of reaction to her too . . . .

She’s seriously punchable and also a little awesome.

3. The change in perspective. I didn’t expect the narrator to change and it threw me for a loop for a bit, but boy was that a good idea.

4. Knowing the “whodunit” early. I love a good mystery that confirms your suspicions early and allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride while the characters play catch up.

If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, this is an author to definitely check out.

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