Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cross Your Heart by Sarah Pinborough

3 Stars

“Cross my heart and hope to die. You can’t break a deal like that. You can’t.”
I was one of the many readers absolutely blown away by Behind Her Eyes. When I saw Sarah Pinborough had a new selection, I immediately attempted to obtain an early copy . . . and my request remained in “pending” status until after the book was released, leading me to look a little something like . . . .

Luckily my best friend the library always has my back so I didn’t have to wait long before my turn came around. Then the fear set in that my expectations were waaaaaaaay too high leaving me like . . . . .

And I was right. I should have realized lightning doesn’t generally strike back-to-back when it comes to book releases.

The story here is of Lisa – overprotective single mother of a teenaged daughter named Ava. You know something happened in Lisa’s past immediately and Pinborough delivers once again when it comes to feeling the tension of the character. She also doesn’t drag you on for eternity and around the 30% mark you find out the superbadawful in Lisa’s past. Then you get to start in on the potential new superbadawful that’s getting ready to happen in the present.

So I dig Pinborough’s style. I appreciate the “getting there is all the fun” approach she has to storytelling. Unfortunately, unlike the whammy of a twist in Behind Her Eyes, this ending?????

Or I should say the additional thing doesn’t work. Again, lightning doesn’t strike twice. Some crazy twists are not only redonkulous, but are bad enough to lessen the reading experience as a whole.

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