Friday, June 3, 2016

Ntro Mountain by Lee Clay Johnson

3 Stars

I planned on being super organized and posting a string of books I read all in a row due to friends’ status updates even though I knew nothing about said books, but then I got sick and couldn’t stop blowing my nose or coughing and I got umpteen reviews behind and . . . 

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Anywho, obviously I failed at my latest endeavor. But to get back on track, it was the following status posted by Sandrathat made my ears perk up . . . . 

“The last time I’d been seriously drunk with Jennifer, she wanted to fight so bad that when I didn’t raise a hand she hit herself right in front of me. I begged her to quit as she threw her fist into her face over and over again, then said, “You coward, if you won’t do it, somebody’s got to.”” 

That little snippet was from Page 3 and it made me immediately run to the library to pick up a copy of Nitro Mountain.

Talk about a romance not meant to be happily ever after. Beyonce wouldn’t be servin’ up no Lemonade if she was writing about these two. It’d be more like Drunk In Love. You know what I’m talking about, right?

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Or . . . .

Or even better . . . 

Oh the Tumblr. It was a bounty of wonderment with this search (and I didn’t even get to all the “serfboardt” stuff – so many LOLz).

But to get back on track (again): be forewarned – the blurb states . . . 

“An astonishing, even shocking debut--darker than a bad night in hell--that is written with both humor and heart by "a writer with abundant and scary gifts and consummate skill.” 

If you believe in the Mitchell scale of darkness, you’ll probably find this one to be closer to dusk rather than “darker than a bad night in hell.” But if you like your fiction served up ensemble style and on the bleak and gritty side????

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