Thursday, May 5, 2016

Harrow County by Cullen Bunn - Illustrations by Tyler Crook

3 Stars
I was already going to half-ass this review, but then I took a gander over at Shelby’s and she flippin’ beat me to the punch on every dang thing I was going to say. Pretty much just read hers because we obviously share the same brain and it was her turn to use it when it came to writing up something about this story.

The basics are that back in the day some broad was thought to be a witch so the townsfolks did errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrything in their power (meaning, beat the shit out of, lynched and burned because if you’re gonna kill a witch it better be with the trifecta of torture – no water boarding pansies allowed in Harrow County). Fastforward to the present and a new young girl who is about to turn 18. When the locals discover Emmy can turn cows that look born inside out back right again, they know they need to burn her ass up too. Even her ol’ Pa gets in the mix, the dirty sumbitch!

As Emmy tries to save herself, she comes across some pretty weird crap like deflated boys . . .

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As well as this haint that’s on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar . . .

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Like most new graphic novels, this was more of a backstory provider than one that provided a lot of answers regarding the present. Unlike most graphic novels, I want to continue reading past this first volume so YOU GO GLENN COCO CULLEN BUNN!

Since I’m a real art expert, here’s where I tell you my opinion about the art. I didn’t really like the “people panels,” but the images of the setting were pretty . . .

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And prettier . . .

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So as it says in my placeholder reminding me that I need to not be such a twat and actually read this at some point since I didn’t even have to buy it, this was gifted to me by the best book fairy you’ll never get to meet. Like past selections, Harrow County originally went to Shelby and then to me. Who wants it next? Since it’s me and I’m an a-hole who supposedly likes to make up a bunch of “rules” everyone has to follow, here’s my requests: (1) Continental US only because I’m poor; (2) if I think you (or a friend of yours) might already want to wear me as a skinsuit you will promptly be passed up ‘cause I ain’t giving nooooooooooooooooooo crazies my address; and (3) If you choose to send this on to another person, please try to not select a dick. It kinda sucks the fun out of the whole thing.


Have I mentioned lately how awesome my friends here are? Another package of pitcherbooks has arrived and this time it includes a scurrrrrrrrry one. Good thing I found some backup in case the poo hits the fan . . .

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