Monday, March 14, 2016

Buy Me by Alexa Riley

3 Stars
Since Stella’s mother died she’s been doing everything she can to keep her family’s ranch while her father falls into a deeper pit of drinking and gambling. Now in debt up to her eyeballs, Stella has been left with only one choice – to put herself up on the block at the latest Mistress Auction and sell her virginity to the highest bidder during a 30-day contract. Little does she know the bidder (or in this case bidders) in question have plans for Stella for waaaaaay longer than one month . . .

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Thanks to another case of incurable “ traitorous body ” Stella is down for some brotherly lovin’. If you’ve read any Alexa Riley previously you are probably well aware of where it goes from this point. First, our female lead gets a pet name. In this case “Lucky” since her vajay is oh so magically delicious and all that . . .

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And then there’s A LOT of talk about the need to fill ‘er up . . .

Which results in something kind of like this . . .

Since this is a two-for-the-price-of-one storyline, there’s a matter of discussion regarding which tab goes into which hole (Spoiler Alert: EVERY tab goes in EVERY hole). Three stars because yeah, I am just not a fan of all the wheezing of the juice that Riley likes to go on and on about and also because everyone knows you NEVER cross streams!

Palm Springs commercial photography

Many thanks to the most perverted of all book fairies (you know who you are) who keeps me in smut when work is super cray and my car is being an asshole.

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