Friday, October 17, 2014

The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke

3.5 Stars
Timmy and Pete are out of school and already dealing with the doldrums of summer. While putzing around trying to figure out what could be their next adventure, they head to the local pond . . . a place that has always been benign (if not downright boring) in the past. When they discover a young stranger “feeding the turtles” everything changes. Timmy and Pete are no longer allowed to play near the pond, or to hang out together at all. As the mystery of why the sudden change in attitude unravels, buried secrets from long ago come to the surface of Myers Pond . . .

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Obviously I can’t say much about this one without spoiling the whole shebang (especially since it’s so short). What I can say is that I’m torn on how to rate/review it. On the one hand, I reeeaaaally dig coming of age tales and found Burke’s writing to be quality stuff, but I’m stumped at why this is a series. Although the ending can be considered a “cliffhanger,” the answer of the why and how and the who and the what are all clearly laid out through the story so the reader just has to take a second to piece the puzzle together. I’m not a fan of books in a series in general and I really can’t wrap my brain around why this would continue. Does book two answer the cliffhanger from book one? If so, that’s a completely unnecessary read. Is book two a totally different story that just has Timmy Quinn as a repeat character? Maybe . . . but I’m not interested enough to go find out (I'm telling you I HATE books in a series).

If you’re like me and decide to treat this as a standalone – know the “horror” isn’t really horror, but is actually a mystery/thriller and enjoy.

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