Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Desert Flowers by Paul Pen

1 Star

“People are almost never what they seem.”

In this case, sadly the book wasn’t quite what it seemed either. Per the placeholder “review” below, you can see proof of why it is important to have good titles, pretty covers and clever synopsis in order to hook readers. Especially a reader like me who doesn’t even bother reading a whole blurb before hitting the request or one-click buttons or running straight to the nearest cash register.

When I glossed over the summary for Desert Flowers the following jumped out at me . . . .

themselves and their five daughters

middle of nowhere

young hiker

must do what they can to protect themselves

And my brain convinced me there would be some of this . . . .

Mixed with a bit of this . . . .

Which would translate into me doing a lot of this . . . .

Without spoiling things, please note this book was about NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Obviously I have to take a portion of the blame for this being such a fail for me. However, when there is absolutely ZERO character development – other than kind of a squicky “farmer’s daughter” type of vibe, no explanation of the why behind the main plot point and a story that could have easily been told as a 50-page novella since it absolutely no depth beyond surface level, I refuse to give more than 1 Star. Bottom line? This thing was . . . .

The only bright side was it was so simplistic I read it in a couple of hours.

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This would be one of those books . . . .

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