Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

4 Stars

“Some people are too toxic to live. They just are.”
Welcome to detention, where a princess, a jock, a brain, a criminal and . . . a gossip???? Wait, that’s not historically accurate . . . . .

Have all earned a spot for violating one of the most serious rules of high school: NO PHONES IN CLASS. They’ve done the crime, now they have to do the time as well as write a 500 word essay about how technology is ruining American high schools. If they fail to do so, well . . . .

Plans quickly change, however, when the gossip drops dead of anaphylactic shock. (He didn’t belong in the story anyway, right? The basketcase was the final member.) Now the four remaining delinquents are all suspects in his death when the questions of just how did peanut oil get in the disposable cups near the sink and what happened to all of the epi pens in the nurse’s station get raised. But there’s even more in store for these kids when the gossip’s dishy blog starts revealing secrets none of the four ever thought would get out . . . . .

First, kudos to whoever was in charge for finally getting a dang blurb right. This absolutely was “The Breakfast Club Meets Pretty Little Liars.” Per usual, I was not the target audience for this selection, but hey the sun shines on an old dog’s butt every once in a while because I thought it was . . . .

I suspect One Of Us Is Lying will become a bestseller P.D.Q. (that’s pretty darn quick for you young’ins) and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it optioned as a movie in the not-so-distant future either. If you read mysteries . . . like ever . . . . you'll probably see the end coming about 12 miles away, but the getting there is all the fun. Obviously this isn't a story that’s going to change anyone’s lives, but if you have a teen (or in my case a 30 year old male attorney boss) who enjoys all the guilty pleasures Pretty Little Liars has to offer on the ABC Family Channel, this will probably be a winner.

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