Monday, June 22, 2015

Richard Castle's Deadly Storm by Brian Michael Bendis

4 Stars
Soooooo, I have to admit I knew zilch about this before requesting it. See, I just joined a new library that actually has some graphic novels in circulation so I started asking for anything by anyone I’d heard of before. I also live on Earth so I have heard of the television program Castle (but I’ve never watched it) . . .

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No, you’re not even close yet pal. Okay, so it turns out Richard Castle is like an actual human who also writes the character Castle who himself is a writer and which the show is based on. Deadly Storm is NOT a “Castle” story (meaning the character) – heck, I guess it’s not even a “Castle” story (meaning the author) since Bendis really wrote it based off of Castle’s books . . .

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Now that THAT is all explained, what can I tell you about this volume? Well, lately it seems nothing ‘cause everybody wants to get all butthurt and cry “spoiler” on every stinking graphic novel review. If you’re the oversensitive sort, you probably should just stop reading. Still here? Good.

Alright, so the premise is this dude Storm is a P.I. who has been hired to find a “missing” husband. What he finds instead is a dude bumping uglies in the local trailer park. Then [spoilery stuff] happens which leads to Storm being hired on the D.L. by the C.I.A.

This one gets 4 Stars from me for one reason and one reason alone. Storm reminded me of Archer. Man I love Archer. Don’t believe me? Well, take a gander at the type of humor and the “voice” of Storm . . .

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It was all very . . .

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and it cracked me up.

I think this is one you’re either going to love or you’re going to hate. If you end up hating it? Well, then you can go ahead and . . .

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