Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tampa by Alissa Nutting

4 Stars

Celeste Price has everything a girl could dream of. She’s model-gorgeous with an equally attractive husband who also happens to have a significant trust fund. He works as a police officer, she is a middle-school teacher. He worships the ground his trophy wife walks on and she????? Well, she fantasizes about banging 8th graders.
Okay kids, get ready to hate me because I freakin’ LOVED Tampa. Please, don’t misunderstand – I agree that the subject matter is 100% cringe-inducing. Heck, I remember expressing my amore for this beautiful little werewolf:

Only to have my son remind me that he played this character not that far back:

I spent the next several years watching the various "Twilight" films while contemplating whether I should register myself on the national sex offender list for my impure thoughts.
With "Tampa", however, Alissa Nutting keeps her tongue so firmly planted in her cheek throughout the book it somehow makes it possible to put your mind past the pedophilia. I found "Tampa" to be deliciously dark. Reminiscent of "American Beauty" and "Lolita" – the tale of ultimate taboo finds a balancing counterpart with a vicious wit. Absolutely NOT for the faint of heart, but if you dare to venture out of your comfort zone you will discover one of the most well written books of the year.

Here’s to a follow-up story in 25 years giving us an update on Frank Rossitano and Lynn Onkman .... errrr, I mean Jack Patrick and Celeste Price.

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