Monday, August 4, 2014

Scandal by Navessa Allen

3.5 Stars
(for people who read a lot of erotica, this roughly translates to 17.5 Stars)

ARC provided on the author’s website. Thank you Navessa!!!!!

All of you who are my friend here or follow my reviews probably already know when it comes to vanilla lovemaking in novels, I prefer the vanilla-iest possible. I’m strictly a voyeur when it comes to erotica (with our without monsters), BDSM, etc. and generally choose to read others’ reviews of said books rather than reading the actual work itself.

I decided to break out of my comfort zone and read Navessa’s book, well, mainly ‘cause she’s a kickass chick and I figured there was no way she’d put herself out there with something that was total crap. And I was right.

Scandal handled the M/F/M (with a hint of dom/sub thrown in for good measure) with total class. Driven by characters and storyline rather than emphasis on how “taboo” the subject matter, Allen delivers an erotic mystery that is super sexy.

If you’re a prude like me, but are interested in something a little on the steamy side, trust me when I say Kit, John, and Henry will not disappoint.

And James. Goodgodamighty James . . . .

The only problem I have? It’s a series. Gah how I hate books in a series!!!!! But watch me sign up for Book #2 like the sheep I am ; )

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